Welcome to Smokeball: Your onboarding plan

Thanks for choosing Smokeball. Our team are here to help you learn how to use Smokeball to be more efficient, earn more and run your best firm. This is your roadmap to get started. 

For new firms, our onboarding team will guide you to ensure you get the most out of Smokeball for your area of law, helping to tailor your process and showcasing best practices.  

For new users, you can sign up for Smokeball training delivered by our training team. 

Select your plan to begin: 

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1. Transitioning to Smokeball

Are you part of a new firm that has never used Smokeball before? Read the following articles if you’ve just signed up for Smokeball or if you have completed your initial welcome call with your Client Success Manager.   

2. Getting Started with Smokeball 

Have you just set up Smokeball and want to jump into the software before your first formal training

3. What to expect from Smokeball Training 

Foundations Training 1 – Basics

These are the most important steps to get you started with your first matter in Smokeball. 

Foundations Training 2 – Essentials

In this session, you'll learn the next steps to help make your day more productive, including how to manage your tasks, calendar and communication with clients. 

Setting up your trust account

This is an important session that will show you how to run a trust trial balance and reconcile your account.  

Billing training

This training is specifically tailored to your firm. Our experts will ensure you’re paid correctly, with instructions on how to enter fees and expenses and create invoices. It will also cover any accounting software integrations.  

Tailored Q&A

Our training team are willing to arrange specific sessions based on your needs. You can request training by contacting us.  

4. Ongoing support  

Our team of experts are here for you. Simply call us on (855) 668-3207 between 8am-7pm CST or submit a request.  

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