Time and Disbursement Entries Report

Available on Smokeball Bill, Boost and the Grow and Prosper+ Cloud Companion App

The Time & Disbursement Entries report allows you to view a summary of all time, fees and disbursements across the firm.

To generate the report:

  1. Select Reports from the left menu, then select the Time and Disbursement Entries report.
  2. Select the report period and the filters you wish to run this report with.
  3. If you plan to print the report, you can also choose components to include in the print view:
  4. Select Generate.


  • The Report Period filter allows you to select a specific time period or run the report for all time.
  • The Person Responsible filter gives you the option to limit the results to a specific individual, and the Area of Law filter allows you to limit the results to a specific area of law.
  • The Type of Entries filter lets you choose between time and disbursements, time only, or disbursement only.
  • The Matter filter allows you to run the report for a specific matter. You can leave it unselected to run the report for all matters.
  • The Show Entries List option includes a list of all individual time entries after the summary table when selected. The entries list includes date, matter, activity, subject, description (optional), hours/quantity, rate/price, billable, write-off, status, and total.
  • The Show Description Field option controls the inclusion of a Description column within the entries list (and is only available when the Show Entries list option is selected).
  • There is also an option to Exclude Externally Billed.

How to read this report

The Time & Disbursement Entries report displays fees for the Person Responsible listed in the report. 

What is the difference between the Time & Disbursement Entries Report and the Income Allocation Report?

You may notice that there are discrepancies in figures between these reports. Refer to the following table, which compares the difference between both reports:

Report name What is reported?
Time & Disbursement Entries
  • Time, fees and disbursements for the Person Responsible listed on a matter
  • Fees recorded under a matter by someone other than the Person Responsible for that matter will not show up on this report
Income Allocation
  • Fees and disbursements are grouped by Person Responsible listed on a matter and Timekeeper (Person who recorded the fees and disbursements)
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