Matter Cost Estimates Report

Available on Smokeball Bill, Boost and the Grow and Prosper+ Cloud Companion App

The Matter Cost Estimates report shows all time-based matters with estimates and how those estimates compare to the total billed and unbilled on the matter.

This report can be used to quickly identify which clients are approaching or exceeding their estimates so that you can reach out to them and provide a new estimate or write off anything in excess of the original estimate.


  • You must make a selection in the Percentage filter in order to run the report. This filter controls which matters are included in the report based on how close they are to their estimate.
  • The report also has filters for Person Responsible, Practice Area, Matter Type, Matter Status, and Group By.

Important Notes

The Matter Cost Estimates report:

  • Excludes write-offs and non-billables
  • Discounts reduce the Billed Total
  • Excludes surcharge and interest
  • Excludes matters with billing types of fixed fee or contingency
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