WIP reporting in Smokeball

Work-in-progress (WIP) reports are essential for your firm to monitor the time and resources invested in ongoing matters before they are billed to clients. Smokeball's WIP reports offer customisable options for your firm's unique needs.

In this guide, we'll explore the various WIP report options available in Smokeball and how to leverage them effectively.

We recently improved WIP reporting to allow for more powerful customisation. If you want a report like the previous Smokeball WIP report, use the Unbilled Time & Disbursements – Summary report and filter with Run by: Person Responsible and Subtotal by Matter.

Accessing WIP reports

To access WIP reports in Smokeball:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab in the Smokeball Web App.
  2. Select the Unbilled Time & Disbursements – Summary report for an overview or total amount.
  3. Select the Unbilled Time & Disbursements – Details report for a more granular report including individual time entries, suitable for pre-billing.
  4. Setup report filters. (Continue reading below for more information).
  5. Select View Report to generate WIP data.

Customising WIP report data

Smokeball allows you to customise WIP reports based on specific criteria such as date range, matter, person responsible, and more.

Unbilled Time & Disbursements - Summary Report Filters:

Unbilled Time & Disbursements - Summary Report Filters:

Use the filter options to narrow the report data according to your preferences.

You can also choose Yes under the Save Filters as Firm Default? drop-down menu to save time and ensure consistency when another staff member next accesses the report.

Experimenting with Run By and Subtotal By filters

The Run By filter allows you to organise the WIP report based on specific criteria. Similarly, the Subtotal By filter enables you to generate subtotals within the report based on chosen criteria.

Select the Run By dropdown menu and choose the criteria you want to run the report by, such as Person Responsible, Matter, or Timekeeper. This filter is mandatory and organises the report data accordingly, providing insights into different aspects of your firm's performance.

Next, use the Subtotal By dropdown menu to select additional criteria for generating subtotals within the report. For example, choose Matter Type to create subtotals for each type of matter. This filter is optional.

Adjust filters as needed based on evolving firm needs, client requirements, or specific analysis objectives to ensure the WIP report remains relevant and actionable.

Available ‘Run by’ and ‘Subtotal by’ filters

Filter Name Description
Timekeeper The Timekeeper filter allows you to organise the WIP report based on the individuals who have recorded or spent time on matters. It provides insights into the billable hours contributed by each timekeeper within your firm.
Introducer The Introducer filter categorises matters based on the individual who initially introduced or referred the client to your firm. It helps track referrals and assess the impact of different referral sources on your firm's workload and revenue.
Person Responsible The Person Responsible filter organises matters based on the individual within your firm who is responsible for overseeing or managing the case. It provides insights into workload distribution among team members and accountability for matter management.
Practice Area The Practice Area filter categorises matters based on the specific area of law they belong to, such as litigation, conveyancing, family law, etc. It helps analyse workload distribution across different practice areas and assess the firm's expertise or profitability in various legal domains.
Matter Type The Matter Type filter categorises matters based on their specific type or category, such as Divorce, Purchase, Wills & POA, etc. It provides insights into the diversity of matters handled by your firm and allows for analysis of workload and profitability by matter type.
Client The Client filter allows you to view WIP data specific to individual clients or client groups. It provides insights into billable hours associated with each client, facilitating client-specific analysis and communication.
Matter The Matter filter categorises WIP data based on specific matters or cases handled by your firm. It allows you to drill down into the details of individual matters, track progress, and assess profitability on a case-by-case basis.
Billable? The 'Billable?' filter categorises time entries as either billable or non-billable. It allows you to differentiate between work that can be invoiced to clients and work that cannot, providing insights into billable proportions and revenue potential.


Analysing WIP data

Once generated, carefully analyse the WIP report data to identify trends, assess workload distribution and evaluate matter profitability.

You can use this data to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, billing practices, and client communication strategies.

Exporting WIP reports

You can export and print generated WIP reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, or CSV for further analysis or sharing with colleagues and clients.

Choose the appropriate export format based on the intended use of the report data.

Best practices for using WIP reports

  • Regularly generate WIP reports to stay informed about the status of ongoing matters and ensure accurate billing.
  • Collaborate with staff members to review and analyse WIP report data so you can optimise workflow efficiency, improve client satisfaction, and maximise profitability.
  • Keep WIP report templates and settings updated to reflect changes in firm policies, billing rates, or client preferences.
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