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Welcome to Smokeball! To get started with installing Smokeball, follow the steps for your plan below.

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Grow/Prosper+ Bill/Boost

Installing Smokeball Grow/Smokeball Prosper+

To get started, install Smokeball on your PC.

The Smokeball desktop app is only available for PC/Windows machines. The desktop app is not available on Mac.

Install Smokeball yourself

Before you begin, perform a diagnostic test on your PC to ensure your machine meets Smokeball system requirements. If the tool shows all green ticks and no red crosses, your system can run Smokeball.

To make the most out of Smokeball, ensure you also have Microsoft Word and Outlook installed. Smokeball is also optimised to work best with Office365.

Then, download and install Smokeball on every Windows PC you may use.

Once Smokeball is installed, open it and enter your login credentials.

Let us install Smokeball for you

Our Support team can assist you with installing Smokeball. Get in touch with us so we can install it remotely.

Bookmark the web app

The Smokeball Web App contains productivity tools to manage your matters on any web browser. It's also where you complete all your Billing tasks, such as invoicing and trust accounting.

Log in to the web app. For best performance, use Google Chrome as your browser.

You can also access the web app from the desktop app by selecting Billing from the action bar.

Install the mobile apps

Smokeball’s free mobile apps allow you to keep tabs on your firm on the go:

  • Smokeball mobile app– manage your tasks, calendar, contacts and matters on your smartphone.
  • Communicate mobile app – securely send and receive client messages and share documents, all powered by Smokeball.

Install the Google Chrome extension

You can also install a Google Chrome extension to save webpages and PDFs open in your Google Chrome browser into a matter.

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