Smokeball Settings Overview

Smokeball has a variety of powerful tools within the setting that can take your firm to the next level in getting the most out of our software.

This section is an intro to the different settings you can edit from the Smokeball settings screen. Each setting has additional articles to learn more about.

Settings Overview

  • There are 2 ways to get to Smokeball settings from Smokeball's home screen

  • Smokeball Settings
Firm Details

Enter or edit your firm's basic information including Firm Registration & Attorney numbers.

Staff & Users

Add/Remove or edit existing staff information including billing rates, AutoTime settings, and more. Staff & Users settings is also where you can go to disable access for users.

Internal Reference

Set up an automatic matter filing number. Learn more about Internal Reference.

Matter Configuration

Set up default re:lines, folder structure, matter tags, stages, notes, and more! Learn more about Matter Configuration.


Matter Stages

Create Matter Stages to track the status of Matters from start to finish. Automated Communicate messages can also be sent to clients as you move through the Matter Stages. Learn more about Matter Stages.


Create and edit Workflows. Workflows are a series of Tasks that can be built to make sure you never miss an important step in the process. Learn more about Workflows.

Form Suites

Enable any Form Suites in Smokeball. All Form Suites are included in your Smokeball subscription. Once you enable the Form suite, additional forms and templates will be available in the Forms & Templates Library. When subscribing to each Form Suite, make sure to always "accept all changes" before saving.


Automation Settings

Add basic automation settings for your firm including electronic service options.

Document Containers

Document Containers are default letterheads and court captions that can be used in Template Creation. Edit or Add/Remove any Document Containers. Learn more about Document Containers and Template Creation.

Outlook and Notifications

Subscribe to your receive an email of your Daily Digest and enable the Smokeball Outlook Integration for your Calendar Events. Learn more about Outlook and Notifications.

Phone Integration

Smokeball integrates with Ring Central to track time on phone calls made and received. Learn more about Smokeball's Ring Central Integration.

Integrated Searching

Configure Smokeball's integration with InfoTrack and Chicago Title.

Learn more about InfoTrackLearn more about Chicago Title.

Email Marketing

Set up Smokeball's integration with Campaign Monitor for syncing Contact lists for Email Marketing. Learn more about Email Marketing.

Data Backup

Your Smokeball matters, client info, and documents are securely stored and backed up. If at any point, you wanted to create a local "copy" of your data, you can do so by selecting "Create Data Backup."

Depending on how much data you have in Smokeball, creating a local data back up make take a long time and use a lot of your computer resources. It is important to note that the data back up will not create copies of emails, documents, and other files in Smokeball. If you were no longer continuing your Smokeball subscription, Smokeball will provide a link with access to files. Reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions about Data Backup.

Please note: Currently, there is no fee for requesting a backup of your documents. 

Zoom Integration

Zoom is a video conferencing application. Use the Smokeball Zoom Integration to schedule, launch, and track time for any Zoom meetings from your Calendar Events in Smokeball. Learn more about the Zoom Integration.

Did You Know

  • Each matter has a slightly different version of settings as well. 

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