Organize files in a matter

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Keeping track of the numerous documents, files, and attachments associated with a matter is a day-to-day challenge for any law firm. Smokeball solves this problem by providing an easy-to-navigate interface for your files at the bottom of each matter. 

How to navigate your files

Use the filters at the top of the Documents section to sort through them quickly:

  • Favorites show all files marked as favourites. To add a file to favorites, hover over the file and select the star icon next to it.
  • Documents show all document files, such as Word docs and PDFs.
  • Communicate shows all files shared via Communicate, Smokeball’s secure messaging system.
  • Emails show any email correspondence around the matter.
  • InfoTrack shows all files related to InfoTrack.

Create folders to organise files

Right-click any blank space on the documents section to create a new folder. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard.

Search for a file

The search bar allows you to search for keywords that can be located in a file’s title and its contents.

How to customize the files list

Adjust the width of the grey column headers by clicking and dragging a border with your mouse cursor.

Right-click on the grey table header to add or remove columns.

You can also toggle between a folders view and an all-files view by selecting the folder icon or bullet list icon.

  • Use the eye icon to preview an individual file.

Double-click on a column header to sort files by alphabetical order, date, file size, and more.

  • Note: Folders will always appear before individual files. blobid5.png


Use right-click to access file actions

One of the best practices in Smokeball is "right click is your best friend."

If you right-click any document in Smokeball, you will find a variety of options available for file management, such as creating a multiple file .pdf, linking a document to a task, file and serve, and publish online.




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