Ask - Party Selection

Party Selection is a type of Ask you can create in automation. An Ask is a pop up question that will fill in information on your documents based on how you answer the question.

Party selection is used when you have a document that needs to be generated that may need to go to  a specific contact on a matter, but there are multiple types. For example: There are multiple plaintiffs or defendants on a matter and each will need to be served their own discovery requests. Party selection allows you to select which party to automate the document for.

This type of an Ask is an advanced automation feature. You can also achieve a similar result by using Replace References.

How to use Party Selection

  • Once you've created the Ask
    • Highlight the place you want to insert your Ask. Then double click to insert the Ask.

  • When you go to generate the document from the Forms & Templates library, the ask will pop up. Select the appropriate contact or party to include in the document.
    •  In the below example, the matter has 2 defendants entered
      • The Defendant's information will populate everywhere the Ask was inserted

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