Smokeball Start - Time/Fee Entry

There are several ways to enter your time or fixed fee entries in Smokeball Start. It is important to note that if you create an entry from the "+" in the upper left, you will need to specify the appropriate matter.

Time & Fees can be created and edited in Smokeball Start. This article demonstrates how to create Time & Fixed Fee Entries in all areas of Smokeball Start.

Time or Fixed Fee Entries in Smokeball Start

There are several places to review, enter, or edit time in Smokeball Start.

  • Select "New Time Entry" on your matter and complete the form to create your entry.
    • (1) Enter the date, duration, rate/fixed fee, and subject.
    • (2) Provide additional descriptions (optional).
    • (3) Review what the time entry will look like on an invoice on the right side of the window.
    • (4) Click "Save". The "Save & New" button can be used to enter several entries in succession.

  • You can also select "Time Entry" or "Expense Entry" from the list of quick actions.

  • For faster manual entry of time or fees, set up Activity Codes and use the quick actions button shown above.

  • If editing multiple entries, the best practice is to use the "Time Entry Review" panel.
    • Select "Time Entry Review" to expand the panel.


  • If you need to select multiple items as billable or non-billable, use the checkboxes to individually select the time/fee entries (1) and use the Bulk Actions button to apply the changes (2).
  • There is also a select all checkbox at the top of the table (3). 
  • NOTE: This bulk action is also available for expense entries. 


Did You Know?

  • You can add last-minute time and fixed fee entries when creating a draft invoice.

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