Smokeball Start - Expense Entry

There are several ways to enter your firm costs or expenses in Smokeball Start. It is important to note that if you create an expense using the "+" in the upper left of Smokeball Start, you will need to specify the appropriate matter.

All expenses can be added or edited in Smokeball Start. You can also print checks from your operating retainer account and send the transaction to QuickBooks Online for any advanced costs.

This article walks through all the places to create expenses for Smokeball Start.

Expense Entries in Smokeball Billing

There are several places to review, enter, or edit expenses in Smokeball Start.

  • Select "New Expense Entry" from the Expenses tab within a matter.
    • (1) Enter a date, staff, and subject manually or use an Activity Code.
    • (2) Enter an optional description.
    • (3) Enter the quantity, price, and verify whether this is a billable expense.
    • (4) Click "Save". "Save & New" will open another window to enter an additional expense.
    • Note: When adding an expense to Smokeball Start, you can also add an attachment.

  • Print checks from the operating retainer account for any expense payments.

  • Select "Expense Entry" from the Home Screen or "Add Entry" from the Time & Fees view, then follow the same steps as above.

  • For quick manual entry of expenses, set up Activity Codes and use the quick expenses entry form.

Did You Know?

  • You can add last-minute expense entries while you are creating an invoice.

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