Getting Started - Configuration

During your onboarding, your Account Manager will complete a configuration call to determine the best way to configure and customize Smokeball for your firm. Once Smokeball is installed, the configurations will be reviewed with your team prior to your first training. 

To make sure the transition and migration is a smooth process, make sure you do the following prior to configuration and install.

This article will walk you how to get started and edit any configurations. Smokeball has already been installed, review Getting Started Foundations - Basics.

Basic Navigation

Smokeball Settings

Matter Types Favorites and Templates

Creating Matters and Migrating to Smokeball

Full Getting Started Video

 Basic Navigation

Smokeball is a powerful, yet intuitive program designed to help you from start to finish running your practice.

  • Once you log into Smokeball, it is easy to get to anything you need from the home screen.
    • (1) File, Smokeball, Communicate Time & Expenses, Firm Insights, Support Tabs
    • (2) Action Bar
    • (3) Matters, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Activity Intelligence (A.I.), Reports
    • (4) Matters
    • (5) Daily Digest
    • (6) Search
  • Learn more about navigating through Smokeball.

Smokeball Settings

Smokeball has a variety of settings to configure. All settings do not be configured at once, but the earlier you configure your settings, the earlier you can start using all the powerful features Smokeball has to offer.

Matter Types, Favorites, and Templates

Smokeball is specifically created for various areas or law and jurisdictions.  Create Matter Type Favorites or your own Matter Templates.

Matter Types

Smokeball comes loaded with 300+ Matter Types that are specifically created for various areas or law and jurisdictions. Smokeball probably already has the proper Matter Types for you. Learn more about Smokeball's Matter Types.


If for some reason you cannot find the Matter Type for your firm, reach out to your Account Manager or email

Matter Type Favorites

Matter Type Favorites can be used to create quick access to your commonly used Matter Types. Matter Type Favorites can also be made for Matter Templates. Learn more about Matter Type Favorites.

Matter Type Templates

Smokeball's Matters have a variety of parties and fields available by default.


Matter templates help you when you have multiple matters that require the same information every time. A template can be set up for one specific client that has multiple matters or for a matter type that always has specific fields. Learn more about Matter Templates.

 Creating Matters and Migrating to Smokeball

Once Smokeball is configured, you are ready to start creating matters to Smokeball. Although this may seem like an intimidating task, Smokeball makes it really easy to create matters. If you want assistance with migration, reach out to your Account Manager about getting connecting to a Smokeball Preferred Partner to assist with the migration.


Full Getting Started Video

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